How Doctors Can Help States Stop Unnecessary Meth Lab Clean Ups

One way for state’s to help save money on their budgets comes from a some what unconventional way of austerity. States can actually save a lot of money in meth lab clean ups. Yup, you read that right. 
A meth lab clean up can cost states on the low end of estimates about $3000 per house and upwards of $25,000 per house. In a state like Mississippi in 2009 and 2010 they had over 900 meth lab accidents. If the state had stopped those accidents in advance it would have cost them million of dollars in state revenue to clean up those cook labs. In 2010 the state introduced a law, requiring prescriptions for pseudoephedrine the main component in meth production. In other words you could not get your hands on pseudoephedrine without a doctors say so. 
This simple act reduced the number of meth lab accidents from 900 to under 300, saving the state millions in potential meth lab clean up. Sometimes its the simplest ideas that can have the largest impact.