What A Birthday Tells Us About Baseball Playing Abilities


This is a chart that lists the amount of baseball players by the month they were born. You can see one month in particular stands out, August. This isn't a coincidence there is some strategic planning, a little bit of causality associated with this. A chain of causation that runs through little league enrollment cut off dates. 
We have to work our way back first, babies born in August were likely conceived in the month of December, nine months later out comes a baby. What happens next is by design. Most city leagues or school leagues require a July 31st cut off date for signing up. If your child was born say August 1st as opposed to July 31st they would be at a distinct advantage because they would be the oldest of their grouping. Giving them a year of experience, a year of more play, a year of more passion. Over the course of a life time that extra time and passion translates into a lot of talent development of course a child that gets more exposure develops a stronger passion which results in better play which results in more time and so on and so on. 
So with a little bit of luck and a little bit of strategic planning in the bedroom you potentially can give your child a leg up in making it to the show.