A Federal Reserve Chair Has Never Been A Woman... The Fed Chair Also Never Talked Income Inequality

Janet Yellen is not your typical chairwoman of the Federal Reserve. For starters she is woman and we have never had a woman in control of the Federal Reserve. Today Yellen took the opportunity of her platform as arguably the most powerful person in the world on financial policy to talk income inequality. Maybe we need more women in power?

It Has Been 10 Year Since Jon Stewart Rant on CNN

Yes my friend feel old it has been 10 years since Jon Stewart tore CNN a new one. Presented with little to no comment the rant...


Independent pulls ahead in Alaska... 
LePage running tight..
Warner in control 
Booker cruising...  
Orman within striking distance... 
On strike over fears about Ebola... 
GOP Latino strategy in disarray... 
Running ads warning terrorists are coming from Mexico 
The market is set to have a huge drop at the open this morning. The whipsaw ups and downs of the Dow and S&P 500 are not something we have seen since the fall of 2008.

MOLON LABE - Open Carry Gun Dude's Gun Stolen at Gun Point 
Florida stripper attacks boyfriend with an axe... because Florida... 
North Dakota 2013: Guns in Schools North Dakota 2014: No Yoga Pants 
Violence Against Women Has Killed More Women Since 9/11 Than 9/11 - Washington Post
Study: Low wages and tips reasons servers get sexually harassed - Mic
Twitter to Sue Federal Government - Mic
Consensual Sex App Shut Down - Slate
They huffed, they puffed, and they shut the government down 

A turning point for climate policy? - The Baltimore Sun
Insurance Companies Love Obamacare - The Grey Matter
Texas Loves Porn - WonkBlog
Walmart Dumps 30,000 Employees On Tax Payers for Healthcare - New York Times
Nurses Rebuke CDC, Claim Hospitals NOT Ready for Ebola - David Pakman Show

"Legalized Robbery"  - Salon
50 plus school attacks and plots inspired by Columbine - ABC News
Canada Joins The ISIS Fight
Boehner Admits GOP Has No Ideas For Jobs  - The New Republic
GOP Gerrymandering Rebuffed in Virginia - Politico
Cruz loses it on Supreme Court - Politico
Naomi Wolfe goes full truther - TPM

Bobby Jindal thinking about losing in 2016 - Economic Times
Philly Restaurant Bans Tipping... Increases Hourly Earnings - Richard Fowler Show
Minimum Wage Increase Huge For Minorities - American Progress
"I Quit" The Two Most Important Words For A Robust Economy - MarketPlace

Mortgage applications are rising, a sign the economy is still moving on the upswing. This is good news and compiled with the data we received last week on jobs it appears the recovery is moving in the right direction. Imagine what the economy would be doing if House Republicans actually worked with the President instead of against the President to improve the economy?

Jon Huntsman says "No Thanks" to losing again in 2016
Americans split on Obama ISIS strategy 

Court Strikes Down Virginia Gerry Mandering

A federal judge struck down Virginia's gerrymandering efforts this afternoon.
From Politico 
A panel of federal judges in Virginia struck down the state’s congressional map on Tuesday, arguing that the GOP-controlled state legislature’s decision to pack African-Americans into the 3rd Congressional District, which is represented by Democratic Rep. Bobby Scott, was motivated purely by race — a violation of the 14th Amendment.
Now that the courts have stepped in will the GOP finally realize if you have to stop people from voting that your ideas suck?

GOP Headaches Popping Up Everywhere

File this one under LOL...
Nothing says GOP wave like struggling to crack 35% support in North Dakota...

Thom Tillis Goes Full Ebola Scare Monger...

GOP Senate candidate and full time Ebola fear monger Thom Tillis is going full court press to scare North Carolinians and Americans into thinking Obama is going to infect you with Ebola if you don't vote GOP this November.
Someone should point out to Tillis that is not how Ebola spreads or more importantly North Carolina does not border Mexico, but why bother with details.