There Is No Such Thing As A Free Market

The free market is a concept that simply, naturally, does not exist. There is no such thing as a free market. 

Markets by their very nature are constructs of governmental policy and regulation. I know this because I can not have slave labor and I can not insulate my home with asbestos. These are rules that government has told me I have to abide by in their "market". And that is all a market is. It is a playing field in which economic actors engage where the government has drawn the boundary. The fight among rational people isn't does the field exist the fight is where are the boundaries.  

Since markets are invariably the construct of governments it then becomes a non-sensical argument to proclaim government regulation is illegal, as many free marketeers would have you think. 

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4.6 - The percent that GDP grew last month 
134,215 - the number of prisoners currently incarcerated in California prisons 
3000 - total number of people killed by Ebola so far 
75 - The percent of wealth controlled by the top 10% of income earners 
4.6% GDP growth indicates economic recovery is accelerating 
The Obamacare lies are hurting Republicans  CHART:

Graphic showing change in CBO estimates of Medicare spending over time.
California incarcerates over 134,000 people 

The top 10 percent control nearly 75 percent of all wealth in the country
Trickle down economics is not working... 
Marijuana legalization does not cut down on racial disparities
Babies in the US more likely to die before their first birthday CHART:
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 Today's Polling

Joni Ernst (R) 44%
Bruce Braley (D) 38%

Tom Cotton (R) 47%
Mark Pryor (D-inc) 40%

Jeff Merkley (D-inc) 52%
Monica Wehby (R) 32%

John Kitzhaber (D-inc) 50%
Dennis Richardson (R) 38%

Mary Landrieu 43% 
Bill Cassidy 40% 

Ben Carson Considering Presidential Run in 2016

Governor's Polls

Massachusetts Governor Martha Coakley (D) - 46% Charlie Baker (R) - 36% 

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) 44% Charlie Crist (D) 42% 

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) 54% Neel Kashkari (R) 33%

State Judge Strikes Down Louisiana Gay Marriage Ban... Because Of Course They Did...

Hm, weird there are still states that have gay marriage bans? I am so old I remember when the right used gay marriage as a wedge issue to drive out conservative voters. Well the times they are a changing.

Reports of Pepper Spray At New York City Climate Protest

Data Dump

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Since 1978, Congress has worked a full week 14% of the time 
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Voters want to extend CHIP by a 74%-14% margin 
Most workers do not want to be the boss


In 1955 55% of US Income Was Earned By Middle Class... In 2013 It Dropped To 45%
400,000 Thousand People March In New York City 

Health Insurance Premium Increases Are Declining 
90% find using birth control morally acceptable... 7% find having an affair morally acceptable
21 million college graduates are living with their parents 
30 People Were Shot Over The Weekend in Chicago Gun Violence 
US Households Are Heavily Invested in the Stock Market for First Time Since 2000 

Half of Americans say global climate change is not a threat 
France has the most international tourists 
SuperPAC funding keeps Democrats competitive in Senate races
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Arkansas Has a New Poll

A new poll out this morning shows Pryor back in the lead for control of the Arkansas Senate seat this year. Hickman Analytics Inc  polled likely voters and shows Mark Pryor leading 46% to Tom Cotton 43% to the run up to November. Control of the US Senate could rest on the fate of the outcome of this election and a few others.

Mark Pryor 46%
Tom Cotton 43%