Latest Polling Round Up

Here is the latest breakdown of the most recent polls out in the internets. The race for New York Governor seems to be trending in Cuomo's favor.

Andrew Cuomo (D-inc) 58%
Rob Astorino (R) 26%

The Alaska Senate race is certainly one to keep an eye on. This is a must win for the Republicans in 2014 if they have any chance of retaking the Senate. It is worth noting that while polling certainly looks like things are trending in the right direction for the GOP it should be noted that it is incredibly hard to knock off a sitting US Senator. See Lisa Murkowski.

Mead Treadwell (R) 47%
Mark Begich (D-inc) 43%

I find this race really interesting. For all of the negative attention Walker received both in Wisconsin and nationally it seems to all be fluff. Wisconsinites seem to generally approve of the job that Scott Walker is doing, this could be a signal and a noise type scenario. This is most definitely at the top of my to watch states.

Scott Walker (R-inc) 49%
Mary Burke (D) 44%

Certainly no surprise here in Arkansas Governor's race. I think this is further compounding evidence Democrats in Arkansas are in for a tough election night. 

Asa Hutchinson (R) 44%
Mike Ross (D) 36%

and last but not least this is just LOL... 

Hillary (D) 48%
Jeb Bush (R) 39%

Hillary (D) 45%
Chris Christie (R) 38%

Hillary (D) 49%
Ted Cruz (R) 40%

Hillary (D) 48%
Mike Huckabee (R) 41%

Hillary (D) 47%
Rand Paul (R) 44%

It is still very early in the election season (almost too early to even be polling this type of thing) but if these numbers are true the GOP is in deeper trouble than they realize. Not only are their candidates weak for the top of the ticket they face the prospects of having to defend 23 Senate seats in key battleground states like PA, IL, FL, NH, and WI.