Round Up 11/16/2013

Scott Walker throws down for his vision of a 2016 Presidential candidate for 2016. Walker was asked who he thought the 2016 candidate should be an outsider representing the party in 2016. He went on to tell ABC News he thought it should be some exceptionally removed from Washington. This probably isn't a bad strategy for the GOP given how much the country hates Congress, but I don't know if the GOP is going to have a good crop of 2016 contenders from their Governors either. 

The 2010 Tea Party class of Governors are in trouble in 2014. Governor Rick Scott is in big trouble in Florida. According to the latest polling he is trailing former Republican turned Democrat Charlie Crist by about 10 points in a Gravis Marketing poll. I will point out it is still about a year away and a lot can happen but Crist is part of the class of 2010 Governors who are all seeing their polling numbers tank. Corbett in Pennsylvania is polling at about 33% and Rick Synder in Michigan is fairing a little better in his polling for 2014 his numbers have improved since Michigan decided on the Medicaid expansion, something Pennsylvania and Florida not figured out yet. 

ThinkProgress had a great piece on the minimum wage hike being considered by Congress and the economic benefits it will bring to the country. Raising the minimum wage is one way to reduce the food stamp rolls but it would also lift about 6 million people out of poverty. Of course though Republicans can't have it both ways either you are in favor of paying a decent wage or you want to kick people off food stamps.

The 2013 elections were great news for not only Democrats in Virginia but for socialist in Seattle. An election for city council in Seattle elected the first openly socialist candidate Kshama Sawant and of course the right wing is losing it.

Remember when Medicare Part D rolled out and Democrats did everything in their power to point and laugh at its poor roll out? Yeah me either. Politifact was happy to point out not only did Democrats help with the roll out but they pulled a gem of a quote from noted Obamacare saboteur Joe Wilson.

"This is a huge undertaking and there are going to be glitches. My goal is the same as yours: Get rid of the glitches."
LOL he actually used the word glitch... priceless.