Governor Chris Christie Isn't Presidential He Is A Bully... Plain and Simple...

If you Google the phrase "Chris Christie yelling" it returns over 270,000 results. Yes Chris Christie looks like an idiot, despite this Republicans won't nominate him for President. And they shouldn't. This has become somewhat of a branding image of Christie. Fingering waving, scowling, usually screaming at a teacher or a union delegate. This picture encapsulates the Christie brand perfectly. Notice the woman standing to his right. Smiling, as if this is normal behavior, taking joy in the fact that Chris Christie is "giving it" to this disrespectful teacher. The right enjoys this especially since they have someone putting these awful teachers and union delegates "in their place".

There is some very serious concern with this type of behavior that a voter could raise. I am sure the Republicans might enjoy a story here or there of Christie getting in the face of some liberal elitist in Iowa or New Hampshire, but after a while the press and the voters are going to start asking; what is wrong with this guy? Why does he have such a temper? Why is he always yelling at people? These are very legitimate questions to ask. Does Chris Christie have an anger problem? People dismiss this as just "being Jersey". Believe me I know about being Jersey I am married to a woman from New Jersey. This is not being Jersey. This is being a jerk.

His temper, or his lack of controlling it, is a legitimate campaign issue. For example will Christie berate a head of state at the UN this way? A speaker of the House? Senate majority leader? How will this affect his ability to conduct foreign relations? Govern the country? Voters like optimism they don't like people yelling at them (who does?). They want to hear about idea for the country. They want to be told about the bright prospects of what we can become. How can Christie do that if he is constantly shouting at people who confront him about policies?

For what it is worth if Chris Christie read this blog (which I am sure he doesn't, but hey if you do shoot me an email Governor) he no doubt would have a few choice words for me in public as well. This is what defines him from the rest of the pack. Shouting down people who oppose him politically.