Despite Hickenlooper having only a 48% approval rating he still bests his opponents by 4 points. Latest poll out of Colorado, Quinnipiac University has a poll showing current Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper with a solid lead over potential Republican challengers for a 2014 match up. 

John Hickenlooper (D-inc) 46%
Tom Tancredo (R) 41%

The Obamacare hysteria may have hit peak insanity with the idea that Democrats were going to begin calling for its repeal. Mother Jones provides some context as to why everyone just needs to take a deep breath and let Obamacare work. 

I just lost my insurance and I am mad at President Obama. What should I do? Johnathan Cohn has an answer for you. In his latest piece for The New Republic, Cohn outlines why insurance companies are awful, why they don't want you as a customer if you are just always going to get sick, and, in my humble opinion why we shouldn't allow the free market to dictate insurance for people. It should be a public good. Cohn does a much better job of describing why the cancellations are happening and why people who were paying almost nothing for health insurance are suddenly being hit with higher premium quotes. Here is a hint you are getting more coverage! Seriously though if you are not following Johnathan Cohn on twitter and you care at all about the healthcare discussion you should follow him right now.