July 5, 2013

Boyle County, KY - Stray bullet flies through bedroom window ricochets around the room... 

Onedia, NY - Mind If I Target Practice Right Through Your Bedroom Wall? 

Chicago, IL - 30 injured 8 dead after holiday shootings

Boston, MA - Hernandez grand jury to hear from shooting victim

Yellowstone National Park, MT  - Escaped Inmate Shot Dead by Sheriff 

Okmulgee, OK - 4th of July celebratory gun fire comes raining down on a 4 year old

Birmingham, AL  - Gun shots fired every 76 seconds in Birmingham

Fourth of July Fireworks Incidents Shootings... (DEVELOPING LIST)

Charleston, MO - Don't Tell Me Where I can use my fireworks... and here is bullet for you... 

Paterson, NJ - Can you please not light off fireworks... No? BLAM! 

Indianapolis, IN - This is the second person at a fireworks event to be shot and killed

Michigan - 4th of July celebration at local hooka lounge sends one man to the hospital with a bullet wound

Midlothian, VA - Seven Year Old Boy Killed By Stray Bullet at Fireworks Show 

Baltimore, MD - Man fires blanks IN DOORS hits great granddaughter... 

And here is the list of the "Other" Shootings that I could find through simple crowd sourcing seaches...

Nationwide - Oops I forgot my gun was in my carry-on bag

Logan County, KY - I always keep my gun unloaded... except when I don't... 

Seattle, WA - Just Out For A 2am Stroll In The Park... and BLAM... 

Jarvisville, WV - Grandmother randomly fires shots... one hits sleeping grandson...

Dallas, TX - Protecting The Family: Man kills his girlfriend, their unborn child, her mother, and her brother... then prays for them from jail!!!

Los Angeles, CA - Fireworks Mishap at California Event Described As Industrial Accident... 

Austin, TX - Law Makers Introduce A Bill To Ban Exploding Fertilizer Plants... Just Kidding It Bans Women's Healthcare Providers

Miami, FL - Man Asks Another Man For Directions... Ends Up Shot In The Arm

Las Vegas, NV- Family's 3rd, 4th, and 5th amendment violated...

Washington, DC - Please Like Our Facebook Page... Here is a check for $630k

Oakland, CA - Minor Traffic Accident May Have Led To Gun Death

Oakland, CA - Child Sleeping In Their Bed Hit By Stray Bullet... Respect The Culture

Oakland, California - Two employees of fast food restaurant shot and killed 

Chicago - 5 dead 24 injured since Wednesday in shootings

Washington - "EDUCATING" children and families by bringing his automatic weapon to a family fun center 

Maryland - Just minding my business and three men shot me in the leg... hmmm... 


New York - My Second Amendment right to target practice through your wall 

Georgia - A bullet that passed through a suicidal woman struck a park ranger 

Idaho - Man fires what he thought was an unloaded rifle at a boy and shoots him

Kansas - Man nearly shot while standing in his kitchen

Florida - Trayvon Marin's Mother Sybrian Fulton to Testify