This Is A Glock Block..America's Shocking Response to Austerity

Budgets are being rolled back on the state and local level and as always the most important and vital public servants are the first to go. Police officers are being let go in the name of austerity budget cuts. The drain on these resources is having a real impact on the outcomes of policing communities. One report shows that Detroit police solve less than 10% of all reported crime. But fear not Americans, always being resourceful, they have solved the problem... THIS IS A GLOCK BLOCK... 

This a Glock Block... This is the new welcome wagon sign in one Oregon townDeclining police budgets in Clackamas County have led resident Coy Tolonen to take matters into her own hands. Having had enough over what she saw was a crime wave, of petty crimes, she decided that this was "a glock block" further explaining "we don't call 911" 
“We don’t feel neighborhood watch is sufficient, and we don’t feel the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is sufficient.”
 This is a growing trend around the country, everywhere gun culture enthusiasts are "policing" their own neighborhoods.  In Detroit there is a similar effort. According to Bloomberg...
Volunteers given radios and matching T-shirts help officers protect neighborhoods where burglaries, thefts and thugs drive away people who can’t rely on a police force that lost a quarter of its strength since 2009. With 25 patrols on the streets, the city hopes to add three each year. Meanwhile, the homicide rate continues rising.
Indeed the homicide rate is rising and rising fast. According to The Christian Science Monitor things aren't looking to improve anytime soon
Revenue into cities has dropped every year since 2007, according to the National League of Cities. Oakland, already struggling with one of the highest murder rates in the nation, laid off 80 police officers in 2010... 
As America descends into a hellscape where the free market is responsible for police protection declaring
YOUR block a glock block is likely the next stop on America's downward austerity spiral. As you ponder a country that is descending into vigilanty justice let this tweet sink in