Donald Trump Is Never Wrong And You Are A Loser

Donald Trump is never wrong and he probably thinks you are a loser. This is the magic of the Trump machine. Everything he says is correct, nothing he does is out of line, and everyone he insults is a loser.

It is this set of beliefs that allow Trump to surge in the polls. The same Republican party who booed gay veterans, and cheered the dying uninsured now loves that Donald Trump thinks Charles Krauthammer is "over rated",  Megyn Kelly is a mess, and even Erick Erickson is a "total loser" in what can only be describe as the single greatest press release ever released by a Presidential candidate in all of US history.

This is the magic of Donald Trump. He needs to raise no money, there are even conspiracies that he is not even really running for President, so who cares what bridges (or losers) he burns along the way.

Even haters and losers on 9/11

But really the list is endless