Maryland House of Delegates Lost Ability To Override Hogan's Vetos

I know everyone is focused on the outcome of the Governor's races and the Senate race but this little nugget buried in the Baltimore Sun might be an indicator of the extent of the damage the Democrats sustained last night

Capitalizing on a GOP surge nationally, Maryland Republicans picked up nine seats in the General Assembly, where they have been the minority party for years.
The GOP had targeted several battleground districts — in Baltimore County, Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore.
With most votes counted, Republicans were poised to pick up two seats in the Senate, and seven in the House of Delegates.
 Before the election, the state GOP laid out a dream scenario: Elect Republican Larry Hogan as governor and pick up five seats in the House of Delegates. That number would give them ability to block any efforts by Democrats to override the governor's veto.
They surpassed that goal Tuesday night.

That is right Larry Hogan the newly elected Republican Governor of deep blue Maryland has true veto power.