Wildfires and Marco Rubio

Yes, Marco Rubio is turning his once promising career and a US Senator and potential 2016 Presidential candidate into a joke. The method he is doing it by is no laughing matter. Rubio had this to say earlier this week about global warming. 

"I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it," 

Senator Rubio is entitled to his opinion, but think about those words and then scroll through these tweets from various San Diego news sources. 

Climate change is not some abstract political science theory for us to debate in intro to political science class. It is real it is happening now, not just in California and it is costing us a lot of money. You would think a fiscal conservative like Senator Marco Rubio would at least get on board with the disaster relief dollars we are pouring into the places like California, New Orleans, even his home state of Florida after massive hurricanes. Of course it is easier to play to the lowest common denominator and deny deny deny while places like California burn, burn, burn.