The Patients Are Running The Insane Asylum

Argle Bargle! As they scream from their motor scooters about the government keeping their hands off their damn medicare! BOTH SIDES! Another person in a tri-corner hat belts out... both sides? Wait a minute. How can any rational person who has been observing this and this and this honestly claim the tired "both sides" argument.

In order for you to arrive at the conclusion that both sides are at fault you have to start from the premise that the Republicans actually want to destroy the economy and raising the debt ceiling is their concession they are giving to President Obama in exchange for accepting their budget plans. If you took a look at the budget numbers you would already see the Democrats have compromised significantly. The Democratic CR passed by the Senate funds the government at 1.2 trillion dollars, the GOP wants to fund the govt at 968 billion... the clean CR which Boehner won't bring up for a vote is funding the government at 988 billion. The GOP already won and they wont take yes for answer. They are either too blind by faux rage or too dumb to even realize the fight is over.

Their argument counter to "the we won" narrative with the clean CR is Republicans are willing to fund all of the government except one thing. Obamacare! Why should their be conditions to what they do and don't fund especially after we just had an election on this subject and the side that wants to fund Obamacare won. Do Republicans not believe in election results? The only reason the House Republicans kept the House was because they gerrymandered the districts to be in their favor.

If you look at the raw vote totals the GOP actually received 1.7 million less votes nationwide in the House races. I don't understand how you come to the conclusion that Democrats should have to compromise more than they already have to a party that lost the last election. If you win an election by popular demand on policies you claim to want to implement why should you have to concede those policies to the losing party. That is not how our system works.

Obamacare is mandatory funding the only way to defund Obamacare is through passing a law in both houses. That means getting both House and Senate to agree they want to defund Obamacare and having the President sign it. All of which was made very clear from the outset that the Senate would not vote to defund the ACA and Obama would not sign it. Period. Period. I am sorry conservatives you think the law should be defunded but there are many more people who think it should be funded and I know that to be a fact because we just held an election on this issue and the side advocated funding it won.

Let's be clear this is ONE SIDE arguing for this, only one side constantly talks about the evils of government, only one side went to the media proclaiming they got what they wanted, only one side thinks government should stay out of the lives of people. Well this is it, they got what they wanted government is staying out of the lives of people and guess what people do not like it. People like government, government plays an important role in our lives. You know how I know people like government? House Republicans are trying to pass the pieces of government people are angry about closing so in a way they believe in government they just don't believe in funding the parts of government Democrats want like Head Start, WIC, SNAP, cancer research... etc... How absurd is that? If Republicans believe in funding our national treasurers and helping people in need they should vote to restore the sequester levels of funding.

Conservatives you are entitled to you opinion but understand you are in the minority, 28% of the country are self identifying as Republicans and north of 70% of Americans think House Republicans are acting against the will of the people by defunding Obamacare as a demand for shutting down the government. 

They are putting up the fight of their lives because they are fighting for their political lives. They feel, according to a recently released poll, that Obamacare is the end game for them. They believe that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, programs under The Great Society are ways of "buying" votes to build a permanent majority of sorts. They feel that the uninsured now become dependent on Democrats to provide them the care  they need and the conservatives see this as the end game. This is why they scream about keeping the government out of their medicare, this is why they wear tri-corner hats, and call Obama a secret Muslim. They are angry, confused, and most important running the insane asylum.