The GOP Did The Impossible...

House Republicans last night defied the odds and found something even more unpopular than their attempt to shutdown the government down to deny people access to heatlhcare. They  added an amendment to limit access to contraception. Yes, they used they are now telling women voters either Obama agrees to deny healthcare to those who need it, limit access to contraception, or we will shut the government down.

Because who needs women voters? It is as if the GOP learned nothing from their election in 2012. According to Mother Jones during the 2012 election cycle 60% of women living in swing states says birth control is very important to their decision in this election.

The House Republicans and their staffers are going into hyper drive to pin this on the Democrats. This strategy is not only insane (see Ted 21 hour Ted Talk) but it is also factually incorrect. The Senate passed a bi-partisan clean CR to fund the government and the House used that clean bill to attach riders to deny women access to birth control and defund Obamacare. Simply stunning.

Of course the House also voted to repeal the medical device tax. This adds 29 billion dollars to the deficit. We will have more on the medical device tax, what it is (and isn't) and why repealing it is bad policy in a later post.