Republicans Continue To Spriral Out Of Control..

The Republican Party is spiraling out of control and there does not seem to be a mechanism for putting the breaks on any time soon. Obamacare could be the catalyst that leads to the demise of the Republican Party as a viable national party.

David Frum writes

Republicans who want to fight smarter are called squishes; Republicans who wish to fight less are called RINOs—and both have been hunted pretty near to extinction. Instead of effective opposition, we see those doomed spasms. And out of these spasms, Obamacare looks sturdier than ever—and any hope of negotiating to fix its worst elements seemingly further out of reach than ever.

From Huffington Post

Planned Parenthood Federation of America Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens called the move "desperate, misguided, and extreme" in a statement. "The country wants Congress to focus on jobs and the economy, not on pushing an extreme agenda against birth control," said Laguens.