State Rep Who Pulled A Gun On A Motorist In The Past Predicts An Economic Collapse

A Washington State State Representatives has gone all Glenn Beck at a Tea Party rally declaring an impending economic collapse. State Representative Matt Shea  speaking at a “Self-Reliance Rally” of Tea Party activists and survivalists, predicted last weekend that the United States economy is going to collapse and told activists to stock up on ammunition and stay in top physical condition for when that happens. 

From the Seattle PI 

“We need to prepare for the inevitable collapse that is going to happen:  You know it’s going to happen. That’s right, I am a politician and I am standing up here and saying that,”

It is worth noting that about 2 years ago Shea pulled a loaded gun on another motorist in an apparent road rage incident in which he was cited for having a loaded hand gun in his pickup truck without a concealed weapons permit. Respect the culture I guess.