Political Line July 15 2013

Detroit - Black petroleum coke dust is blowing into people's homes 

Michigan - SUMMER TIME HEADLINE: Five Wounded In Pool Party Shooting

New York - Don't Leave Your Kids In a Motel To Deliver Your Drugs

Rhode Island - Man Stabs His Brother Over Argument About Their Mother

Fox News - Did Someone At Fox News REALLY Write This? Really?

CNN - Republicans Warn Reid About Destroying Bi-Partisanship... Then LOL... 

TPM - Wendy Davis rasies $1 million dollars... mostly from small donors 

The Hill - States balking at lowering the BAC for driving drunk 

NY Daily News - Emmett Till... and Trayvon Martin... When Will It End Asks NY Daily News

National Memo - GOP Congressman: "an unplanned pregnancy can throw up a real roadblock on a woman’s path to escaping the shackles of poverty." 

Strange Sounds - This Map Shows Where You Shouldn't Drink The Water Due to Fracking

National Memo - Forced Sterilization Is STILL Happening 

The Week - Everything You Need To Know About Hezbollah 

Mother Jones - Hillary Clinton The GOP Cas$h Cow 

New Republic - Is The GOP On The Verge of Re-Taking The Senate

TPM - Why Voters Should Not Trust Texas Republicans 

National Memo - TAKERS ALERT: $904k That is How Much Tax Dollars ONE Walmart Takes From The Public