Political Line Wrap Up July 8, 2013

National - Mike Kelly still trying out different IRS-gate angles 

Wyoming - GOP Civil War opens up a Wyoming Front

Nationwide - If you support Wendy Davis you are a Satanist 

Texas - Rick Perry serves one term, two terms, and um, er... um... 


Nationwide - 40 children accidentally shot since Sandy Hook shooting... 
Texas - They stepped outside and things escalated... #Respecttheculture

Missouri - From Dec 2012 but horrifying... Sandy Hook Argument Leads To Shooting 

North Carolina - One man dead one man in jail after argument turns violent 

California - Another argument in a public place has a second amendment remedy 

California - Man recently arrested... puts woman in choke hold, holds gun to her head 

Maryland- Two guys argue in a driveway one of them winds up shot in the face

Maryland - Maryland Football player's car linked to Baltimore city shooting 

Pennsylvania - Two families feud... two people are shot... 

Pennsylvania - Man answers the door waving his gun at the police... 

Cleveland, OH- Man gets 23 years for shooting dog... #ResponsibleGunOwner

Philadelphia, PA - Pregnant woman shot at 4pm in the afternoon... 

Camden, NJ - One dead, one injured in Camden 2:30am shooting... price 'o' freedom
Denver, CO - Man opens fire on two.. including a child... STILL ON THE LOOSE

Chicago, IL - 2010: "Don't bring your ass around here," 2013: In jail for shooting a 5 year old

Ohio - OHIO IS NUMBER 1... In accidental child shooting deaths... 

San Antonio, TX - Tries to shoot ex-girl friend ends up shooting his CURRENT girlfriend 

Lexington, KY - 16 year old accidentally shoots himself on the way to a shooting competition 

Chicago, IL - NBD - 72 shootings in Chicago over 4th of July weekend
Wisoncon - Lawmakers asks an Arizona "no compromise" security firm's armed guards with automatic weapons to please stop guarding a mine

Mother Jones - Local Politician Wants You To Ban Your Gay Flags And Get Off His Lawn

PoliticalWire - It must be so hard for Pat Robertson to come to gripes with his waning influence

USA Today - 260 Colleges Have Higher Default Rates Than Graduation Rates... Republicans Want Higher Interest Rates... 
Nevada - Birther Invited to NV GOP Event

Kansas - SURPRISE! Insurance company drops schools where teachers can carry guns for being too risky