The Gun Debate Is Not Going Away...

The Senators who found it politically challenging to vote to keep guns out of the hands of criminals might find their chances of winning re-election that more challenging. We are at the six month mark today since Sandy Hook and the gun debate is not going away.

Neither are the parents of Sandy Hook victims seen here meeting with Nancy Pelosi

PPP has the most telling evidence of them all 
PPP's newest national poll finds on the 6th month anniversary of Newtown that voters are still angry with Congress over the lack of action on expanded background checks. They continue to have overwhelming bipartisan support with 71% of voters favoring them to only 22% who are opposed. That includes an 85/10 spread among Democrats, a 66/23 one with independents, and a 57/35 one with Republicans.
This still has the potential to be a major issue in next year's midterm elections. 51% of voters say they're less likely to support someone who voted against background checks next year to only 14% who say they would consider that a positive. Even among Republicans 30% say they'd be less inclined to vote for someone who opposed expanded background checks to 25% more likely, so this isn't even something that would be a particular salient issue for potential primary challengers.