Texas: The Next Swing State?

From The El Paso Times

Hispanic students for the first time make up slightly more than half of Texas public school children.
Enrollment data from the Texas Education Agency show that this school year Hispanic students reached 50.2 percent of Texas' 4.9 million public school children, compared with nearly 49 percent last year.
Anglo students stopped being a majority several years ago and continue to decline in number.
Hispanic students in prekindergarten through high school now total 2,480,000 in Texas. The group is 90 percent of the student population in the El Paso region.
If you needed a quick reminder why these statistics should worry Republicans with Presidential aspirations here is the breakdown of share of percentage of Hispanic voters from the last three national elections. 
Romney 2012 - 27% 
McCain 2008 - 31%
Bush 2004 - 44%
But if reading isn't your thing this visual should tell you everything you need to know about where the importance of the state of Texas (and the country as a whole) is heading in Republican Presidential electoral math
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