Tea Party Continue To Eat Their Young

Ah, yes remember back in 2010 when great anti-government, anti-women, anti-gay... just anti everything conservatives we're rising up to stop the socialist Obama and his plans to make everyone gay marry someone from ACORN at a planned parenthood... or something like that? Well now it seems the pitch forks have been turned on their own... 

As reported in The Detroit News
In an open letter to Gov. Rick Snyder, 25 key tea party activists proclaimed that  ”We cannot, with good conscience, endorse, vote, or encourage this Governor’s re-election.”
The letter is not vague. “Conservatives should not help this Governor (Snyder) get re-elected,” it reads.
What prompted the tea party to twist their tea bags so tight in order to make such a statement?  Why it was Governor Snyder’s galling attempt to recoup some of the hundreds of millions of dollars we Michigan taxpayers send to Washington, D.C. to provide the expansion of the federal insurance program (Medicaid) to about 450,000 working, uninsured Michiganders – those whose  income is between 100-133 percent of the federal poverty level.