Republicans Working On Alternative To Obamacare.. POSSIBLY TODAY

From National Center for Policy Analysis

Republicans are building consensus around an alternative to ObamaCare that will hopefully lead to the bill's revocation. Rising costs following the initial stages of ObamaCare implementation demonstrate that the necessity for reform is greater than ever, says Joel Gehrke, a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.
  • In 2009, an estimated 30 percent of health care spending was money wasted, totaling over $750 billion, including $210 billion for unnecessary services and $190 billion for excessive administrative costs.
  • To reduce costs, Republicans are coalescing around two ideas: reducing the third-party payment system in health care and providing patients with additional information related to health care quality and cost.
  • ObamaCare furthers the current third-party insurance system by forcing more of the uninsured into the exchanges to receive insurance coverage.

From the Washington Examiner

House Republicans are laying the groundwork for legislation to replace Obamacare by arguing that the law will exacerbate the rising costs of health care as it further insulates doctors from the need to compete with each other for patients.

Even Congressman Tom Price is indicating a bill could be introduced today