New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg became the ninth senator from New Jersey to die while in office... and other interesting facts

NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg was the 9th NJ Senator to die in office.  

He was the 300th Senator to die while serving in the Senate during its 224 year history Complete List Here

The deadliest time to be a senator was early in the last century. Between 1900 and 1949, 130 sitting senators died — though many died while the Senate was out of session.

The first senator to die in office was William Grayson of Virginia

The deadliest Congress was the 65th, spanning 1917 to 1919. Ten sitting senators died during that period

Stephen B. Elkins of West Virginia died on Janurary 7, 1911 and Charles J. Hughes, Jr. of Colorado died one week later on Janurary 11, 1911