‘Incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low’

Wow reported today in  Politico Congressman Trent Franks went all Todd Aiken during the House Judiciary Committee debate.

Of course he didnt just stop there

After the committee meeting, Franks told POLITICO: “My bill does nothing to restrict abortion even before the first five months, so all issues related to rape are long since dealt with.”
He said that Democrats are the ones who “constantly want to inject” rape into the abortion debate and have done so ever since the original Roe v Wade case. By focusing on rape instead on “the child that was being killed” they try to change the dynamics of the debate, he said. “So sometimes Republicans get beat up for having to respond to it, but it’s always the left that brings it up because it results in Republicans getting beat up by it.”

I am sure Gabriel Gomez's campaign staff winding down the Massachusettes special election appreciate the assist from Franks.